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Facing a serious challenge in your business and don’t know what to do? No longer sure what you should be doing and why you’re doing it? Call our business paramedics and we’ll help you find a value-adding solution to your challenges. By understanding your strategy we’ll embrace the complexity of these challenges and work with you to unlock the value in your business and realise your growth potential.



Park Advisory LLP provides corporate governance, financial management, and risk management advice, training and practical implementation to enterprises around the world. Collaborating with the Swiss based consultancy practice, iProcess AG, to broaden our capabilities into organisational development initiatives in the areas of strategic, process, knowledge and information management.



The partnership is a recognised and well regarded name in the financial management, risk management and corporate governance domains by consistently adding value for clients in every assignment undertaken.



Corporate Governance

     Evaluate corporate governance effectiveness

     Develop effective corporate governance policies

     ​Establish suitable measures of accountability

     Build effective stakeholder engagement programs

​Financial Management

     Devise appropriate business planning models

     ​Develop effective performance measurement indicators

     Establish value-adding financing models

     ​Undertake commercial valuations

Risk Management

     ​Create organisational risk profiles

     Build effective risk management frameworks

     ​Devise and implement risk mitigation procedures

     Develop appropriate performance measurement criteria

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