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By gathering insights into the specific challenges faced by your organisation in the areas of Corporate Governance, Financial Management, and Risk Management, we shall deploy our domain expertise to partner with you to deliver the best integrated and cost-sensitive solutions to your challenges that will enable you and your team to focus on achieving your business strategy.



Corporate Governance is about good decisions made by the right person. This does not just apply to large companies. Every organisation, however big or small, needs good governance as well. At Park Advisory our expertise is dedicated to helping you and your team enhance your governance by:


Evaluating your current governance effectiveness by investigating and reporting on your current situation in respect of Culture, Information, Guidance, Oversight and Learning.


Creating effective governance policies to ensure it becomes a culture in a climate of consistency, responsibility, accountability, fairness, transparency, and effectiveness.


Devising suitable measures of accountability to ensure all policies are being effectively implemented.


Encouraging stakeholder engagement by devising appropriate ways of ensuring trustworthy relations between you and your stakeholders.



The commitment of you and your staff to strong financial management and planning is crucial for organisational sustainability. It is also important to make sure everyone is on the same page. At Park Advisory our expertise is dedicated to helping you achieve this key objective by working with your team to:


Devise appropriate business plans to ensure the activities of your business are directed toward achieving your strategy.


Design effective performance measurement indicators so that you know if you are moving forward in the right direction.


Identify value-adding financing options to facilitate investment in relevant growth activities.


Assessing investment opportunities by conduction detailed cash flow analysis and valuation of the choices available.



In today's risk-intensive environment you may feel you are faced with either too little or too much risk data, which is likely to make it difficult to fully appreciate the enterprise, operational or financial risks you face. At Park Advisory our expertise is dedicated to helping you and your team better understand the situation by:


Creating an overall risk profile that identifies those areas of your business that will benefit from better risk management.


Building an effective risk management framework based on your strategy and appetite for risk.


Devising risk mitigation procedures that are based on a categorisation and prioritisation of your risks.


Designing effective performance measurement indicators that will enable you to monitor your risk exposures and evaluate your management of them.

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