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Our Managing Partner, Dr Geoff Turner is an advisor, author and educator in the fields of Financial, Operational, Risk and Strategic Management. He has published a number of books, academic papers and praxis-oriented articles, both on his own and in collaboration with others, on various issues related to financial, knowledge, and strategic management as well as performance measurement. Some of these are presented below.

Financial information has two sets of eyes. One set looks back to see what has happened and the other, those of Financial Management, looks forward to determine an organisation's most appropriate strategic direction, guiding managerial actions, motivating behaviours and creating and supporting the necessary cultural values.

Knowledge, and implicitly information, has become the fourth, but most important factor in wealth creation.

An organisation's wealth will be created in proportion to its capacity to learn and share innovation. An organisation's intellectual capital – employees' knowledge, brainpower, know-how and processes is a source of competitive advantage that needs to be exploited.

Multinational organisations, in their quest to maximise returns to owners, often engage in transfer pricing practices that enrage either their host or home countries. Addressing these conflicts often causes managers to take their eye off the reason they are in business in the first place. Considered transfer pricing may be used as a useful managerial tool, assuage these conflicts, add value throughout the organisation.


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